Ryan Smith Visuals offers modern dance imagery where form and creativity combine to produce uniquely beautiful images for studios around New Hampshire. Services range from fine art and environmental sessions to annual picture days. 

Other Services: Portraits, Head Shots, Athletics/Fitness, Weddings


Ryan Smith

Without boring you from a long bio and credentials list, I'm a Photographer and Designer with a crazy drive to create something beautiful; whether the opportunity presents itself or not. Dance has been an incredible outlet in achieving this and has quickly become the face of RSV. 

Though dance is my key focus, the other side of my passion is fulfilled through portraiture and athletics, to which I am actively pursuing as well.  




Stephanie (Steph) is our very own Dancer & Instructor. If there was a key ingredient that takes our dance sessions over the top, it would be her. She brings a wonderful variety of both expertise and style with each and every shoot; making every dancer we work with that much more confident that we will capture them at their absolute best.